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Life@site is a digital solution for everyone involved in a building project

By creating greater predictability and improved interaction, life@site creates exceptional achievements.

There have been a lot of studies and articles written about what’s wrong with the
construction industry. A high-volume, high-risk, and low-margin industry. The development of productivity has not been as anticipated. There is often little predictability regarding time, cost, and quality in these projects.

When the prerequisites appear to be the same, why do some projects succeed while others fail?

Due to lack of data, there has been a lot of incomplete information in the past.This has changed, and the amount of information in a project is constantly increasing. It is however challenging to present the information in a way that makes it easy to make good decisions. There has been too much time spent looking for answers, instead the information needs to be readily available and put together in a natural way.

Life@site contains the following products:

PLANNER: Project Planner

Planner is our solution to quickly and easily create a progress plan for your project. With our built-in visual configurator, you can build the basis for the plan, and by using recipes based on best practice, the first version of the project’s progress plan can be developed quickly. It is crucial to have a good project plan to create a predictable construction project.

Also included in the planner are plan recipes developed based on best practices. As a result of the configuration process, recipes are a collection of tasks / activities needed to solve the functions described. Creating a progress plan based on production rates, quantities, and staffing gives the project predictability and flexibility.

DRIVE: Project Implementation

Drive is a tool used by life@site to manage and monitor progress during the construction phase. The tool makes it simple to keep a project’s plan up to date and accessible for those who are physically on the construction site as well as those who are not present every day. Drive was created to improve predictability and flow on construction sites. The plan’s visual presentation makes it simple to identify obstacles early on, giving you the opportunity to deal with them more effectively. The experience data on what was actually done on the construction site also makes it easier to learn from what happens in the project both continuously and in new projects.

Why Use: Last Planner® System

The Last Planner® System is a construction project management methodology and was developed by the Lean Construction Institute.

The method focuses on creating good and predictable plans together as well as how to follow up on those plans. This is accomplished through the involvement of those who will actually do the work, as well as systematic work to remove obstacles before the work is carried out.



Vi tilbyr rådgivningstjenester som spenner fra overordnede bærekraftstrategier på virksomhets- og områdeutviklingsnivå, til miljøtiltak og sertifiseringer på produktnivå.


VDC er en helhetlig metodikk for gjennomføring av byggeprosjekter med sterkt fokus på gevinstrealisering gjennom samspillet mellom mennesker, teknologi og prosesser.


Verdiskapning gjennom utvikling og anvendelse av fremtidsrettet teknologi.